B i o g r a p h y

Chuchi’s Rule of thumb: Must have PASSION, think out of the boxes box, work smart and long if you have to, strong self discipline, team motivation, be cross-cultural, strong interpersonally and communicate, know root cause analysis, technically prepare and be creative in the forefront.

Create the visualization of a concept.  From a Producer/Cinematographers point of view , transform a vision into a reality of the story.  In a team effort, provide cinematic tools that would enrich the project.  Guide in a technical and creative process to enhance the added value of a message.  Develop strategic plans for creating artistic and innovative images, and adhering to strict self guidelines to achieve truthfulness and HONESTY TO THE STORY.    

Stylize textures,  travel globally to manage, direct and shoot single and multi-camera productions. Consult on the marketing of projects, developing creative strategies to promote and increase awareness.  Utilize Sigma methodologies to monitor and control the project from beginning to end.  Streamline processes to produce documentaries, feature films, shorts, live sports, music events, corporate videos and network shows.



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